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The Green Mountain State, Vermont

The Grind

First off, if you were hoping that this would be a fascinating and enlightening critique of modern culture using the hip MTV dance show as the lens, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. Further, if you saw the heading and thought it might be my take on the current state of coffee shops and coffee in general, then this tells me I have to revise my choice of subject headers...

In reality, it's just a reference to how I've been feeling this week as I try to keep "One jump ahead of the breadline / One swing ahead of the sword"...(that one's just for you Liz)

Managed to get to my classes today and get to my job tonight. Feel like I've been going flat out since Sunday, and haven't really accomplished much of anything. Plan to head next door tonight and have a beer with my neighbors. I think it's going to be crappy beer, but I'm not feeling particularly choosy at the moment. The event has turned into a celebration of sorts, Roberto just found out that his band is getting back together. See, Bands are alot like dating; constant drama, breaking up and getting back together, fighting over silly things, far too much baggage, unrealistic expectations, poor communication, hard feelings... God, I actually miss being in a band :(

I plan to start looking for a new band myself come November. In truth I can't spare the time until teaching slows down, but forming a band is a long slow process, so I need to start looking and advertising several months before I actually want to start the ball rolling.

I'm really ready for that beer.


The Green Mountain State, Vermont

September 2009

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