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The Green Mountain State, Vermont

Big Presentation

From the title you can tell that I had a big presentation today. I was in a group of 5 who did a presentation on The Red Scare for our unit on The Crucible. I went last and explained some other examples of the mass hysteria mindset in American history.
The presentation was supposed to be no more than 35 minutes long, but when I started my six minute portion we'd already gone 33 minutes.
I felt kinda rushed and wasn't able to work on eye-contact and keeping the "um's" to a minimum, but overall I guess I did ok.
Prior to the presentation I had been struggling with whether I should write the whole thing out, or just wing it. In the past I have felt good about the times I have stayed off book, I feel they are inspired and have a good energy, but I think the full-written tend to be a little tighter.
It's funny, for whatever reason, I don't get nervous during an actual presentation or performance, but I'm a nervous wreck before an event. I think I might be a little OCD or something. The unknown, unpredictableness of the event freaks me out, but once I get going I'm fine. For example, when I play a gig I get really nervous during the drive to the venue and before I set up, but once I'm ready to hit the stage I'm just excited.
I guess it's better than stage fright, but I'm sure my group was sick of me pacing all around the classroom before we started today... Sorry guys;)
It's nice to be done though, I don't have anything really big for the rest of the week. That's a good thing because I feel off my game, maybe it's the extra day off.


The Green Mountain State, Vermont

September 2009

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