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Sep. 2nd, 2006

The Green Mountain State, Vermont

The challenge of a first post.

Seeing as this the first post on my new journal, I had thought that I would sit down and write something truly profound, however, I realized that it takes far too much energy to be brilliant and funny and smart at the moment, so instead I'll just write about what's been going on.

I'm currently student teaching and although I haven't yet begun to suffer, I'm already feeling it. It was a very long and, at times, stressful week. LW and I had our four year anniversary yesterday, and hadn't really seen each other all week. We did manage to spend a few hours going to the movies and chatting before we both passed out from lack of sleep, so that was nice.

Saw a GREAT movie last night- Thanks For Smoking. Having gone to see Little Miss Sunshine last weekend, I'm two for two. I don't really go out to the movies much, and TFS was actually playing at the State theater so it was only $1.50, but I must say that having been pretty disappointed in movies lately it's been nice to leave the theater psyched up the last few times. Thanks For Smoking was my kind of movie- smart, funny, and all about language. For those who don't know me personally, I love to talk, and I tend to talk...well let's say it how it is...a lot. This movie was all about language and Nick, the main character, was a master of the spoken word; as he says in the movie, "if you can sell tobacco, you can sell pretty much anything". I appreciate a well argued argument, and I appreciate even more when someone uses words so well that they out maneuver the person with the stronger side.
Furthermore, this movie was a great biting satire and made some really sharp points about our culture, our society, the media, and the government.
Besides, William H Macy, who I love, plays a Vermont Senator- Sorry Leahy- who is attempting to add a skull and crossbones/poison label to all packs of cigarettes. The Vermont jokes were great. We must have been the only Vermonters in the theater however, because we were the only ones laughing at Macy's desk covered in Maple Syrup bottles, and the State of Vermont made of cheese that hung behind him...

Here's the long of the short of it: The movie is as good as they say it is, and you should see it if you haven't.

Meanwhile, now that Ernesto has left the area and the local news only talks about it for 10 whole minutes during every broadcast, the weather here has actually been quite nice. Got outside for a couple hours today, and we're thinking of going for a hike tomorrow.

I'm already looking forward to the extra day off which means a shorter school week, but I have a big presentation on Tuesday so I'm trying not to think about the upcoming week at all yet...

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The Green Mountain State, Vermont

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