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The Green Mountain State, Vermont

Obama's Speech to Students

There's a lot I could write about my feelings about the people who wouldn't allow their children to listen to Obama's speech today. But I won't...

All I will say is that those children missed out on a valuable message about personal responsibility and taking charge of one's own life; about never giving up; and about achievement through hard work and perseverance.

As one who fights on the front lines of this issue everyday, let me say that students can never hear this enough, and The President of The United States is a perfect spokesman regardless of political affiliation.

The students that I work with every single day are surrounded by examples of passing the buck and playing the victim and it has become their common mantra. How refreshing to hear someone tell them that they are the ones ultimately responsible and not their parents, teachers, or friends.

In the end, each one of us should be held accountable for what we accomplish and what we don't.

Narrow mindedness and ignorance know no political or social boundary. The same can be said for a well thought out message or a well supported argument.

Fear, hatred, and volume should never trump logic and respect.

Wish that were being taught in school, at home, on TV, and on Capital Hill. Sigh...

Now back to our originally scheduled program already in progress...


The Green Mountain State, Vermont

September 2009

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